Jamaica-based Adventist University to offer degree program in bobsledding

Jamaica is no stranger to bobsledding...
Jamaica is no stranger to bobsledding…

MANDEVILLE, Jamaica — In a move to boost enrollment for the Adventist university, Jamaica-based Northern Caribbean University has announced that it will be offering bobsledding as a new major. Administrators are predicting that the novelty of offering a degree in the winter-based sport will boost attendance at the university, which already exceeds 5,000 students.

“We have already heard a few too many ‘Cool Runnings’ jokes in the run-up to making this announcement,” said NCU spokesperson Raymond Dawson, referencing the 1993 sports film inspired by the true story of the Jamaican national bobsled team’s debut in the Calgary-based 1988 Winter Olympics. “But as an administration we are convinced that offering a bobsledding degree at an Adventist university will dramatically expand the options available to our young people as they are trained to serve.”

Dawson also said that NCU’s bobsledding degree program will be heavily marketed in North American and European churches and high schools. “Our tuition costs are very affordable and we are sure that young Adventists around the world will jump at the chance to study something as exciting as bobsledding in tropical paradise,” said Dawson.

NCU will start by offering bobsledding instruction at the main Mandeville-based campus and plans to expand instruction to the institution’s smaller campuses in Kingston, Montego Bay and St. Ann. “We are the largest English-speaking Adventist tertiary institution in the world,” said Dawson. “The whole Adventist world will see clearly now that choosing to study at NCU will put you on the fast track to success.”

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  1. Bocian

    Union College just hosted a talk from a Nebraskan who won a gold in Vancouver for bobsledding and a bronze in Sochi … maybe some of those 5,000 Jamaican students would come to Nebraska if Union started a varsity team.

  2. Richard Mills

    It is reported that Jamaica bobsled team will have a working /hands on bobsled run at the 2015 GC in Texas. Real snow will be trucked in for the slope. SDA’s in Alaska are donating the snow. The track will be constructed around a pedestrian walkway that circles the convention arena. No runs on the Sabbath. The new GC President gets a free ride. All others pay cash. DIscount for 65+ & SDA retirees. Racing is encouraged. Fastest time gets a year’s supply of Little Debbies-all products. Second place winners will receive 6 months supply of any or all Worthington/Loma Linda foods. Third place finish will get 5 year free Review subscription. Hey, Mon–, everting awlright. Woe is me!

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