“Glass Ceiling” Adventist Remake Of “The Office” To Be Filmed At GC

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Filming has begun for an Adventist version of hit sitcom The Office at the General Conference headquarters of the denomination.

Titled Glass Ceiling, the show will feature an aging male cast of ordained senior executives sitting in endless third floor compliance committee meetings. Action scenes featuring a fast-printing color photocopier will be spliced in for drama.

The occasional female will make an appearance in the role of a devoted secretary or other support person that doesn’t require so much as a commissioning.

Occasional conflicts will be featured on screen, all of them sourced from actual Annual Council debates over the role of women in ministry.


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  1. richard mills

    joe==doesn’t have to make sense. typical SDA soap opera stuff.–he said & she said stuff. This is what my insider contacts at the GC tell me. Think–good old boy network culture.

  2. joe

    I can’t f’ing wait – I knew there was a reason I ‘left the church’ in 1964, after 20 years – just couldn’t remember what it was – Now it appears I was prescient as to what was waiting for the rest of you that ‘stayed’ – I just couldn’t take it anymore – jfj

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