GC organizes Wakanda Union Conference after ‘Black Panther’ screening

Seen it yet?
Seen it yet?

SILVER SPRING, Md. — GC administrators have organized the Wakanda Union Conference in a record-breaking 24-hour flurry of bureaucratic activity.

The decision to create the new union happened after dozens of GC senior leaders attended a Saturday night screening of the new Marvel Studios release Black Panther in the Adventist headquarters’ auditorium.

Although the hall had never before been used to screen a Hollywood blockbuster, the viewing was authorized because of the cultural and historic significance of Black Panther being the first big-budget superhero film featuring a majority black cast as well as the “brand-new opportunities for Daniel & Revelation seminars presented by the nation of Wakanda.”

“This is something fresh. We aren’t used to Hollywood giving us ideas for new frontiers in overseas mission,” said Hope Channel Creative Director, DeeCee Gencon. “I can’t believe Marvel beat us to the discovery of Wakanda.”

Adventist leaders were so moved by the showing that they began work organizing the Wakanda Union Conference the minute the Black Panther credits started to roll.

“These guys must not have seen a work of fiction in a while,” remarked a millennial GC staffer who had snuck up from her cubicle in the basement to view the film. “I bet the next thing they’ll do is allocate the upcoming 13th Sabbath Offering to Wakanda.”

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