GC Launches “Inquisition 2.0”

The future?
The future?

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Citing “powerful inspiration from religious history” the General Conference has launched what it calls the Inquisition 2.0.

The new effort will comprise of five oversight committees, each fully committed to policing the beliefs and practices of Adventists around the world to ensure they agree with a small group of very powerful people working in Silver Spring.

Modeled closely after the medieval group of institutions within the government system of the Catholic Church whose aim was to combat heresy committed by baptized Christians, the Inquisition 2.0 aims to name and shame Adventists that don’t agree with the hard-fought priorities of the General Conference leadership.

As culprits can no longer be burned at the stake, the GC has reportedly settled for burning the credibility of people it cannot control.

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  1. richeerich

    All SDA bloggers postdate their info to be released later. Electronics-wonderful stuff. Like at Camp Meeting, we paid for the food on Friday in order to eat on the Sabbath. I do it all the time. Same goes for Starbucks, 7/11, Dunkin Donuts, Golden Corral, Taco Bell, Walmart, etc.. As long as you paid before Friday sundown, you are good to go

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