GC Crafts Abortion Statement Because Members Can’t Think For Themselves

Best left alone?

SILVER SPRING, Md. — A new draft document expressing the Adventist position on abortion is being prepared for Annual Council this year because Adventist members are unable to think, pray and study for themselves.

The highly sensitive topic is yet another area in which denominational leaders feel the need to get very specific about how Adventists should feel.

Placing the review of the draft on the Annual Council agenda ensures that delegates will have something to argue about if there is any downtime between “discussion” of ordination, governance or compliance.


Prepare to be surprised by AT1, a new, grace-focused gathering for Adventists


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  1. Joe

    I never thought I’d see, in print, the words about ‘us’ NOT being able “to think, pray or study for ourselves”, although I suspected it (as part of SDA schooling) from about age 12 – I left the SDA’s when I was 20 & it took ‘some’ years, but I learned to think & study for myself – I just quit praying to their God(s) – I now pray to a range of Celtic Gods & Native American Guardians – JFJ

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