AV Guy Lacks Spiritual Gift Of Song Service Slide Advancement

What does this one do?

Tone Deaf, Mich. — Joyful Noise Adventist Church members are at a loss as to what to do with their AV guy, Han Sauver, who has yet to get through a single service without forgetting to advance slides on at least one praise chorus.

The congregation’s nominating committee has endured withering criticism for weeks for picking Sauver for the role without noticing his spiritual giftedness score (of -7) in slide advancement.

The perpetually-distracted Sauver was reportedly picked for the job because nobody else under the age of 80 was available or physically capable of taking ear-piercing feedback.


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  1. richard mills

    Youse guys must have been visiting my church recently. I have the same issue as Han. I am also in that age range. A coincidence? Please ID yourself next time you visit my church so we can all have a good laugh to keep my heart merry.

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