GC abandons nuclear option

No longer the future of the Pacific Union.
No longer the future of the Pacific Union.


SILVER SPRING, Md. — The General Conference has decided to pull the plug on “the nuclear option” of taking over and disbanding unions that are in favor of women’s ordination. Calling the idea of splitting the church through such aggressive tactics “decaying and rotten” as well as “an embarrassment to all of us as Adventists,” a GC statement said that church leadership was, effective immediately, withdrawing support from “any such crazy talk in the future.” GC leaders also admitted that the mere mention of a “nuclear” or “ballistic” option in church governance playbooks was “super un-Adventisty” and that the way forward on contentious issues would favor what has always worked in the past: “prayer, Bible study and endless committee work.”

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    1. Marcy

      Independent of the human earthly control, but not independent of the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy or the Holy Spirit. Then we would have true unity and the Lord would finish the work through us in a few short months like He did right after Pentecost.

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