Epcot Center Visits Now Count As Overseas Mission

Missions 2.0

SILVER SPRING, Md. — GC Missions strategists have confirmed that visits to Orlando’s Epcot Center satisfy all the requirements for overseas mission as the place has a “super international feel to it” and a “captive audience of rides staff that can be witnessed to all day at their work stations.”

Adventist members are encouraged to start their missionary tours early in the day in the country to which they have been “called” and not leave until the place has been carpeted with Glow tracts.

Missions experts stressed that Epcot missions provide all of the visual thrills of roughing it abroad while requiring none of the vaccinations.


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  1. Richard Mills

    I’ve been to Epcot a couple of times. Do I qualify as a missionary? I faithfully visited all the vendors, even purchased a few trinkets for the family back home. Ate the food(vegetarian types). Looked at the idols, spoke a few native languages, joined in the song, “we are the world”. One of the rides was a boat ride down a flume. Where do I get my Missionary certificate? I need it to increase my retirement benefit.

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