Canadian University College abandons status as ‘Most Confusingly-Named School in Adventism’


ALBERTA, Canada — Administrators at Canadian University College waited for students to leave for Christmas break to announce that the school was abandoning its long-held status as “Most Confusingly-Named School in Adventism.”

“We held on as long as we could,” said CUC Spokesperson, Tanner Huffman. “It pains us to give up a title that we have held for so long but the downside of confusing employers, accrediting bodies and potential students by our ‘university college’ status finally outweighed the comedy value of keeping the title.”

CUC is to be renamed Burman University in recognition of Charles and Leona Burman, the husband and wife team that founded the institution in 1907. In a prepared statement CUC Administrators said that they hoped the simplified ‘university’ status would add legitimacy to the institution as a degree-granting institution. The administration admitted that “nobody actually knows what a ‘university college’ even is.”

As news spread of the name change, students and alumni began to share their thoughts on the transition. Although some expressed a sense of shock and abandonment over the loss of the school’s former name, many others expressed relief. “I can’t believe it has taken this long to make us sound like a real school,” said Dwight Spangler, BA ’07. “Where was this wisdom when I was trying to get into grad school?”

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  1. Brad

    I grew up on the CUC campus. I was there when the name was changed from Canadian Union College to Canadian University College. There was much discussion at that time regarding how to incorporate “University” into the name of the institution. I believe the Alberta government mandated any institution offering graduate degrees (Masters/PhD) identify itself as a University. There were other “University Colleges” at that time. Since the acronym CUC could be retained, and there was a precedent, Canadian University College was selected. I agree it was an unusual name, especially for those who had never heard of a University College. Reading the history of the Burmans, I really think the name selection did a great job. The name may be changing, but the academic and spiritual excellence will continue!

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