Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Admits Ted Wilson Talked Him Into “Pioneer” Beard

A ways to go.

PARLIAMENT HILL, Ottawa — The world no longer needs to wonder why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has started growing a beard.

The idea for the facial hair came from General Conference President Ted Wilson who met the Canadian leader as he was campaigning for reelection last year near Burman University.

According to Trudeau’s press secretary, Wilson told Trudeau that Adventist leaders had never had a better Annual Council than they did in 2018 when most of the male delegates grew beards to look like 19th century Adventist pioneers. Wilson said the beards, though notoriously itchy, allowed for great decision-making, a revived pioneer spirit and free entrance into a cosplay convention going on at the other end of town.

Trudeau is said to have been looking for a way to reinvent himself as a North American pioneer for his second term so decided to give a beard a try.

And he was particularly impressed with Wilson who was already in his second term and was contemplating a third.


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  1. Hartmut W Sager

    Wow, kudos to BarelyAdventist/RarelyAdventist! As an almost life-long Canadian resident and decades-long Canadian citizen, I was unable to get this kind of valuable insight into Canadian doings as BarelyAdventist provided in this case.

    Say, does BarelyAdventist have a good looking-glass? If so, pray tell, what will Pope Wilson II do to gain a third term? I’m not worried about Trudeau in any similar vein – he’s “cooked” for any possible third term, since the Canadian population is not nearly as blind-sheep-followers type as the Adventist community.

  2. Richard Mills

    Beware-2020 might be the TedExit. Also, the Jacksonexit. Look what Brexit is doing to the SDA Church!! MAGA-Make Adventism Great Again at the GC Indy 2020. Will the real Seventh-day Adventist stand up?

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