Black Sabbath members visit Adventist Church, change name to Happy Sabbath

Happy Sabbath!!
Happy Sabbath!!

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — A chance visit to an Adventist church in Loma Linda last Sabbath has reportedly led members of world-renowned heavy metal band Black Sabbath to change their name to Happy Sabbath.

Band members said that they had entered the Adventist Church on a whim last Saturday and were struck by the enthusiastic greeting of “Happy Sabbath” they were given as they walked in the door.

“We thought ‘Happy Sabbath’ had a nice ring to it,” said lead vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, who admitted to being a little confused when halfway through the service church members got down on their knees and started washing each other’s feet.

Ozbourne said the clincher for the name change decision came after church when an elderly lady by the name of Edith Greenley invited the band to her apartment for lunch.

“She said we dressed funny and told us that tattoos were bad for us,” said Ozbourne, adding that over a fat-free, non-dairy dessert, Greenley suggested “we change our name to Happy Sabbath as she told us Black Sabbath sounded far too gloomy.”

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