Beautiful Adventist wife happy to witness to every man that notices her unadorned ring finger


MAGALIA, Calif. — Bethany Powell says hardly a week goes by without an opportunity for her to witness about her faith. Men approach the attractive 26-year-old with impressive regularity and each time Bethany is careful to deliver an understanding smile before sending them packing with a compassionate yet firmly delivered, “Sorry, but I’m married.”

Bethany has said that the decision she and her husband Russell made not to wear wedding rings has allowed her to show off her uniquely Adventist sense of modesty and has turned into her #1 witnessing tool.

Men that ask her why she doesn’t wear a wedding ring are treated to a tasteful tract on jewelry that Bethany produces with a flourish from her Chanel bag. “I always make sure I stock up at my local ABC store. You can never reach too many people,” she said.

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  1. Milla smith

    A few things incorrect here:
    1. Syntax. Chanel bags are not available at the local ABC. Fix the modifier.
    2. Pacific Union Conference has been allowing wedding rings (minus the diamonds) for quite some time now.
    3. Are tracts available at the local ABC?
    4. Poor deluded Bethany.

  2. Confusioused

    Did she give her ring to the Voice of Prophecy to make money by selling it back to the “heathens”? Quite the money maker and circle of life…convert the heathen so we can sell their jewelry back to other heathens since it is good for them, then we can convert them and make some more money….and on and on. It is good for the heathens and our pockets.

  3. Not Adventist

    Also available for her witness is the $5k brooch or watch she can bring from that Chanel bag to teach that money spent on jewelry other than wedding rings is not REAL money and thus doesn’t count as $ that could be used in any evangelism endeavor.

  4. Rick

    The amazingly inaccurate and insensitive remarks on here show just how worldly our church has become. It’s no wonder Sis.White said, in her day, not 1 in 20 SDA would have been saved if Christ would have come in her day. Imagine how small that number must be today.

    1. Ray Kraft

      I doubt that 1 in 10,000 Adventists would be saved today, so we might as well all give it up and become . . . Catholics? Buddhists? Muslims? Hindus? Jews? Voodoons!

      Why, I even know a doctor, a graduate of PUC and Loma Linda, a deacon in his SDA church, who has of all the appalling things a . . . dare I say it? . . . a wine cellar . . . now I have to go wash my mouth out with vegetarian soap.

      The horror!

      The horror!

  5. “Men that ask her why she doesn’t wear a wedding ring are treated to a tasteful tract on jewelry that Bethany produces with a flourish from her [Michael Kors or Coach] bag.” Good point. Her position is illogical. And God loves jewelry ( ) including wedding rings. In fact, the married women in the New Testament wore a string of 10 silver coins on their head. And in the Old Testament they wore a bracelet and nose ring. (Genesis 24)

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