Baby Dedication Could Have Gone Better

Dear Church Family,

I thought it would be best to just email everyone and admit the obvious: last Sabbath’s baby dedication was a total train wreck.

As senior pastor, I should have held Baby JoJo better but between my itchy facemask, the fact that I was trying to hold him at a safe distance and trying to get the right angle for Zoom, things got a little more tense than usual. Baby Jojo was understandably tiring of my Adventist Home quotes before I was halfway through.

I take responsibility for still trying to pray with Baby Jojo after it was clear that he’d had enough of all the talking and was in dire need of a diaper change.

As I write this, my ears are still ringing from all the screaming during my dedicatory prayer. My doctor says the sound won’t be going away any time soon.

I’m thinking about delegating baby dedications to my associates as doc says he watched the dedication and noticed the baby wasn’t the only one screaming at me five minutes into the prayer.


Pastor Tone Deff


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  1. Richard Mills

    Dear Tone Deaf-my advice is for you to go to a baby training school for a few weeks and get the proper training. It’s all in the holding pattern. Your face mask probably upset the baby, like a kid first time seeing Santa Claus. You get my drift? Could have been your breath from eating those soy based beakfast foods. Should have stopped at the local Starbucks for a vegan coffee& cheese danish. Try Breath Mints next time. Remember, you was a kid once. How was your baby dedication?

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