Adventist Dictionary Defines Labor Day As “Unsabbathy Sabbath”

Forget wading.

SILVER SPRING, Md. — The official Adventist dictionary that makes sense of everything from 1844 to “the daily” defines Labor Day for the first time in its latest edition.

The volume defines Labor Day as an “Unsabbathy Sabbath,” going on to explain that the American holiday allows for people to do no work, just like on Sabbath. The dictionary entry adds that “unlike a Sabbathy Sabbath the day has no restrictions on shopping, swimming or conversational topics.”

Adventists are reminded that “Unsabbathy does not mean UnAdventisty.” Members are told to keep their grills veggie-friendly and their drinks Shirley Templey.


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  1. Joe

    I always felt the SDAs had their own definition of things & they did NOT seem to use the Webster or Oxford dictionary – Now the E. G. White Dictionary becomes
    ‘seen’ for the 1st time by the lay persons – JFJ

  2. Richard Mills

    Where can I get one of them SDA Dictionaries? Are they for sale at WalMart? My local ABC? Please advise me on what do. I desperately need one for my kids at church school. Maybe on Amazon?

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