Adventist Church Introduces “Searching Singles Sanctuary Seating”


ADVENTIST WORLD — In an effort to encourage equal yoking, Adventist churches worldwide are introducing Searching Singles Sanctuary Seating. The hope is that like-minded single Adventists will be better able to identify each other and share hymnals.

The reserved seating will occupy the first seven pews of each Adventist Church so that the rest of the congregation can best gossip on who is getting with who.

The special seating will only be made available to baptized singles that are looking for an Adventist spouse with which to go forth and make Adventurers.

The first of the seven rows is reserved for single members in the medical field that can play an instrument.  The last row is for used car salespeople and theology majors.

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  1. richeerich

    Our local church is gonna defy this order just like a few divisions have defied the GC ruling on WO. What’s the Unity Committee gonna do about it? I double dare ya!!

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