Adventist church closes after pastor advocates fasting from Krispy Kreme

Can't look away...
Can’t look away…

WEST COVINA, Calif. — After a rousing sermon yesterday in which Pastor Les Cloo challenged his congregation to fast from Krispy Kreme donuts, West Covina Seventh-day Adventist Church received membership transfer requests from almost every member on its books.

Several members approached staff immediately after the service with written requests requesting transfers.

Pastor Cloo himself received formal requests from members, several of which identified the new congregation they wished to join as “any other.”

By Sunday morning, church office staff sent out an email blast announcing that the church was shutting its doors as the only member remaining on the books passed away several years ago.

Pastor Cloo was immediately admitted to a pastor protection program and reassigned to a desk job at an undisclosed Adventist institution.

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  1. My sources inform me that the Garden Grove SDA church on 9th. Ave. is going to suffer the same fate very soon. When our local Krispey Kreme closed a few years ago, there was a slight drop in attendance. One smart Elder make quick arrangements with the local Dunkin Donuts. That saved the day, I mean the Sabbath. Negotiations with Little Debbies failed. When we are greeted with “Happy Sabbath” we really mean it. Don’t you just love those donut holes? Made with all natural ingredients!!

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