Wisconsin Academy boys’ dorm fasts from showers

So far the young men at Wisconsin Academy are pretty happy with their decision...
So far the young men at Wisconsin Academy are pretty happy with their decision…

COLUMBUS, Wis. — Wisconsin Academy Chaplain, Barry Rogers freely admits that his biggest mistake so far this year was a Tuesday morning chapel challenge to the school’s students last week in which he asked them each to fast from one habit this Spring Semester. “The girls were really good about it and decided to stop doing things like gossiping, procrastinating or eating junk food,’ said Rogers, “The guys, on the other hand, have given up showering.”

To complicate matters further, Rogers had the entire student body stand up in chapel and vow, hand over heart, to stand firm in the commitment to their semester-long fast. “At the time it seemed so right,” said the chaplain. “I looked at the commitment in our young men’s faces and it honestly brought tears to my eyes.” He says that the only thing that now brings tears to his eyes is a walk through the hallways of the boys’ dorm. “The stench is out of this world.”

Under severe pressure from Wisconsin Academy administration and dorm deans, Rodgers has held several meeting with the boys’ dorm residents to beg them to change their minds.

“We have reminded Chaplain Rodgers that we each took a very solemn vow last Tuesday. We have been taught to be men of principle and we aren’t going to budge,” said Chet Blain, a Sophomore from Madison who acknowledged that this particular fast has kept girls at a distance. “We aren’t worried yet, the Valentines banquet is a good month away,” he said.

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