Wilson and Jackson Resolve to Wear Matching Friendship Bracelets Throughout 2019

Unlikely Bromance

SILVER SPRING, Md. — In what the GC is calling “the ultimate sign of bromantic, compliant UNITY,” General Conference President Ted Wilson and North American Division President Dan Jackson have vowed to wear matching friendship bracelets for the entirety of 2019. The leaders have rejected any suggestion that the bracelets are jewelry as they claim they were purchased in an ABC store. The two leaders who have not always seen eye to eye claim that the friendship bracelets will send a message to the Adventist world that “differences can be transcended regardless of tithing parity votes or quirky compliance committee agendas.” A press release announcing the bracelet decision said that the two leaders had briefly discussed sporting matching beards in 2019 but Jackson had shot down the idea saying that Battle Creek had been bad enough.


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