GC Wishes Adventists a Compliant 2019

Break a leg

SILVER SPRING, Md. — The General Conference released what it called a “grave greeting” this morning wishing Adventists everywhere a “Compliant 2019.” The e-card greeting linked to “helpful guidance” from an ever-growing list of compliance committees covering everything from veggie lasagna recipes to how many times Sabbath morning special numbers should be practiced before going live (seven, of course.) In addition, a database of the entire Adventist membership was released with a “compliance score” for each baptized Adventist. Particularly bad scores were accompanied by explanatory notes which were especially scathing in their critique of members that snore in church.


You’ve had your fix of satire. Now head over to Adventist Today for current events updates, analysis and opinion on all things Adventist.


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  1. richee rich

    I am going to comply because the Church Manual recommends it. Sort of “Best Practices”. Like refusing to recognize constituted church authority. See Test. vol. 3, page 428; Test. vol.3, pp. 270-271; Test. vol. 7, p263/264; Test.vol. 5, p. 274,, et.al. I am not going to deny the cardinal doctrines or teach doctrines contrary. I thought I would hear a few AMENS!!

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