Washington Adventist University schedules power outage to save money

Any donation of $25,000 or more will bring back power immediately...
Any donation of $25,000 or more will bring back power immediately…

TAKOMA PARK, Md. — Washington Adventist University is closed today as a power outage that started yesterday continues to bring activity on the Takoma Park campus to a standstill. In a status memo, administration has notified students, faculty and staff that the outage is a “creative cost-cutting measure to ensure the longterm financial stability of WAU.”

Emilia Watson, a spokesperson for the university said that this particular power outage would last “tops another day or two” and that there was no reason to panic. “The university is merely saving on energy costs ahead of what promises to be another brutal winter. Better to have no power now rather than in a snow storm.”

The university’s Advancement and Alumni Relations department has launched a new fundraising campaign from a nearby Starbucks which had both electricity and free wifi. “Give the Gift of Light” guarantees an immediate restoration of power to campus (on a per outage basis) in exchange for any gift of $25,000 or above. Longer term, the campaign challenges donors to be “part of the solution” by giving a monthly gift to WAU to “keep the lights on around here.”

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