Tyler Perry’s Madea to speak at Oakwood Women’s Ordination rally

Get ready.
Get ready.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — As the hot potato of women’s ordination continues to dominate conversation at Adventist colleges, Oakwood University has announced that actor and producer Tyler Perry’s character Madea will deliver a keynote at Oakwood University’s upcoming Women’s Ordination Rally.

Perry agreed to appear as Madea after Adventist friends persuaded him that Madea would be the perfect compliment to the speaker lineup at the event taking place next weekend.

“Madea is a strong, opinionated, good-hearted and fully-empowered force of nature of a woman,” said Oakwood events spokesperson Hal Ellujer.

“If anyone can make the case for the need for women in leadership in the church and elsewhere, it’s her.”

Tyler Perry said the first thing Madea said when she heard she had been invited to speak at Oakwood was “Praise da Lort.”

He warned that Madea did not think highly of attempts to limit the spiritual leadership women can provide. Perry said Madea was very motivated to come to Oakwood and powerfully make the case for women in ordained ministry.

“She said to remind everyone that ‘Mamma don’t play,'” added Perry.

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  1. Brando Cervantes

    I am a 7th Day Adventist but I find this site insensible because a lot of its articles and humongously lies and bogus….I hope the Adventist organizaton or the GC could find a way to block or diminish this website so as not to create confusion among the members…..be responsible with what you are sharing….all here are lies…for alll I know.

    1. Marcy

      This is not meant to be true, but to point out the elephant in the room that no one in the leadership will face, that they are directly rebelling against the Lord by their policies. this article went too far though in the “Praise . . . ” comment. But when you say this should be blocked, you are against freedom of speech and pushing openly for religious persecution. We should be afraid of you. What if this site decided to block your comments?

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