Twitter Fact-Checks Amazing Facts

GRANITE BAY, Calif. — Social media giant Twitter has extended its fact-checking practices to tweets by Adventist media ministry, Amazing Facts.

Twitter has added “learn the facts about cave-dwelling” tags under tweets from the organization about the pros and cons of cave homes and any related off-the-grid survival experiments.

Adventists everywhere are up in arms about the fact-checking of the organization.

“If there’s anyone that knows anything about quality cave-dwelling, it is Pastor Doug Batchelor,” said lifelong Adventist Stella Katite, defending the Amazing Facts speaker.

“This is not only an attack on free speech but could threaten the religious freedoms we enjoy as Adventists,” said Katite, promising never again to live tweet a Bible Bowl.

“You know Twitter won’t stop here,” said Katite.

“Next they are going to be fact-checking Dwight Nelson on the random Japan trivia he keeps sharing.


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