Trump Tasks Maranatha Volunteers With Developing Greenland

It’ll take a while…

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Right on the heels of expressing an interest in “buying” Greenland, US President Donald Trump has asked Adventist volunteer building organization, Maranatha, to develop the sparsely populated, autonomous Danish island.

The organization that has the amazing ability to build Adventist churches in as fast as a week, has been ordered to use its speed-building techniques to at least complete a waterfront golf resort before winter sets in.

Maranatha’s mostly free labor of teens and retirees was selected by the administration as Trump is said to be unsure how much he wants to invest in a construction project that “could get nixed by a place Bernie Sanders is a YUGE fan of.”


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  1. Richard Mills

    I say to Maranatha- go for it. From Greenland’s icy mountains to the shores of Silver Spring, Maryland. You will have so many volunteers, there will be a point of refusing any more help. I am all for this project. Maybe the GC could have their 2020 session there instead of Indianapolis!!

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