“Liberated” Congregation Resolves Never To Call Sin By Its Right Name

Left Behind

BREEZE, Calif. — Members of Grace Fellowship Adventist Church held a formal candle light service last Friday night, vowing publicly never to dampen the congregational vibe by calling sin by its right name again.

What was formally called sin can now simply be referrred to as a “personal choice” or, in extreme scenarios, it can occasionally be seen as a “mistake of the past.”

Members of the “liberated” congregation are encouraged to leave behind the judginess of the Decalogue and instead focus on the real ministry possibilities that beckon as soon as the church can purchase an industrial strength smoke machine to redefine praise and (self) worship.


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    1. Wow, I felt “liberated” laughing at this! But really this kind of crap irritates me, how can they call themselves Adventist or even Christian? It’s difficult enough to try and find people to share the scriptures with, and then you have people like this that confuse and misrepresent SDA, they steer genuine truth seekers away from the church and they bring in other deluded people. Dang Extremists, Some are like “Holier than thou,” super strict; and then the other side of extreme pretend like sin doesn’t have a sting in its tail. Truth be told, both sides of extreme pretend like their s don’t stink

  1. Richard Mills

    It ani’t a sin if nobody is around to see it, right? We are like the Pharisses & Scribes and others of that ilk. It’s fun to pretend you are holier than the other members of your church. I have fun doing it every Sabbath.

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