PUC student launches Amazing Facts spoof site: ‘Amazing Farts’


ANGWIN, Calif. — Carlos Mendoza, a junior Film and TV major at Pacific Union College, caused a stir this past week by starting Amazing Farts a satirical website spoofing Doug Batchelor’s Amazing Facts media ministry.

The cheeky student has raised eyebrows across campus and online for his humorous bodily-function-related site which currently features carefully-directed short films sorted into Silent but Violent, Pull My Finger and Cut the Cheese categories.

With over 50,000 unique visitors in its first week, Mendoza says he is thinking of expanding his site to include an “Amazing Elevator Farts” side bar, allowing people to submit videos of their own experiences with flatulence from within elevators across the Adventist world. Mendoza hopes that the added feature will allow for enhanced reader interaction as well as a deeper sense of personal engagement from his explosively-growing Adventist audience.

“We’ve had some positive feedback,” said Mendoza, reflecting on his first week of ministry. “Some people think it’s a bit sacrilegious, but overall, people have taken it as the joke it was intended to be.”

“I have no comment on this spoof site,” said a straight-faced Doug Batchelor when asked for his reaction. “I may have an elevator submission though,” he conceded with a smile.

Special thanks to Timothy Humphries for the story submission

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  1. Richard Mills

    Have you experimented at some of the church pot lucks? Especially where New England Baked beans & potato salads are served. Don’t forget the Special -K loaf. Very spicey!! Please move down the pew a few more feet, PLEASE!! Woe is me.

  2. Ray Kraft

    Adventist flatulence humor . . . yes, as a PUC alumni I am most grateful to see, or hear, or read, that the high standards of intellectual excellence carry on!

    The Truth is irrefutable.

    If God made everything, then God made farts!

  3. In my humble but expert opinion, this article was malodorous in the extreme. When you get the urge to pass stories like this through the interwebs, maybe you should just hold it in.
    (Just kidding, yo. I loved it.)

  4. guest

    “I am now heartily ashamed of the part I took in the merriment, the satire, sarcasm and wit, that was so much indulged in by myself and others… It was very wrong-all wrong-and must have been displeasing to the Lord who witnessed it all. I wish it all could be blotted from my memory…” written in 1893 by I.D. Van Horn

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