Parents Beg Still-At-Home Son To Go Forth And Multiply

We have this hope…

BRACKNELL, Berks. — The Browns have prayed for years for their son Mark to get a life and get out of their house.

But three years after getting an English Literature degree, the call center star hasn’t quite summoned the courage to “go forth and multiply” despite frequent reminders from his parents that still living with them is getting downright unbiblical.

Mark’s mother has also been known to mention that there are plenty of nice young women in church that would be pretty impressed if he only gave up his packed evening schedule of gaming and Doritos consumption.

For now though, Mark has told his parents that he has made the decision to stay put until he feels “called” to put down the first and last month’s rent on a studio somewhere.


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  1. Richard Mills

    Why should Mark leave home? Free heat. Free electric. Free A/C, Free parking spot beside house. Free rent.. Most likely, FREE FOOD! Free rides to church & related events.. I speak from experience. Some of my family refuses to go away. There are lots of Marks in the world of SDA.

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