On eve of Iowa caucuses, Trump promises “YUGE” Sunday Law

Trump, brandishing his credentials...
Trump, brandishing his credentials…

IOWA CITY, Iowa — On the day before the Iowa caucuses, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is doing his best to appeal to voters who have been skeptical about his claims to be a Christian. His latest campaign promise is for a comprehensive Sunday Law.

“You know me, I’ll get it done,” said Trump, waving his family Bible to an enthusiastic crowd in Iowa City. “Sunday Law will be YUGE!”

Trump declined to offer specifics about the proposed Sunday legislation, promising instead that the new law would be “terrific” and that it would be “so good your head will spin.”

Probed by reporters on how Sunday legislation would affect religious minorities, Trump said that just as with his much-publicized calls to ban Muslims from entering the United States, he had to do what was right for the country. “We can’t worry about what’s politically correct if we are going to make America great again.”



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  1. pesky bugs

    How in the world did the Millerites get this wrong. Trump is the little horn of Daniel. Now the Trumpites will kill 7 Upers to get the 2nd coming back on track. OK he has to win the election, which shouldn’t be difficult since the devil is filling in for God who is employed 24 hpd in the heavenly cathedral trying to figure out who is sheep and who are goats. Yeah, persecution on the horizon!

    1. Donald Tramp

      Now now, bugs, don’t call me names. I might go crying to my momma, just like I cried about Megyn Kelly’s “unfair” questions and skipped the last debate. Heck, I’ll even skip my presidential inauguration if Megyn will be there! No wonder they call me “The Donald Tramp.”

  2. Hilarious Clinton

    I was thinking about polygamy. I couldn’t find a verse that actually prohibited having two wives. Then I finally found it: “No man can serve two masters”! (Matt. 6:24)

    1. Donald Tramp

      That’s why I married my three wives individually instead of as a group. My first wife, Ivana, was the toughest master of all. She stole the show in The First Wives Club with her signature line: “don’t get mad, get everything.” And she got it: a $25 Million divorce settlement before I married # 2 in 1992 and # 3 in 2005. I’m waiting till I become President to marry # 4, one of the White House interns.

    1. Burny Sanders

      Correct! Donald Tramp a/k/a Donald Dump is a blight upon our society. He should be whipped with a wet noodle. Then he should be deported to Miami. He should be forced to perform free labor, building the Great Wall of Mexico along with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, a big Trump supporter. They would make a wonderful chain gang. They would look almost as pitiful as the Women’s DUI Chain-Gang that Sheriff Joe initiated this week. All they need is a cattle-brander to tattoo “666” on their forehead!

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