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Adventists are typically not swearing folk, and have a more extensive list of "No-no" words than most, we'd say. All the usual profanities and four-letter suspects are banned, of course. Any phrases that mention God or Jesus are off-limits, too. But so is anything that smacks of God or Jesus' name, including: "gee"; "golly"; "gosh"; "OMG" (yes, even just saying the letters). Anything with the slightest association to any of the above is also verboten: "bloody"; "crap"; "damn"'; "dang"; "for Pete's sake"; "for goodness' sake"; "good heavens"; "good Lord"; "hell." The list only seems to grow over the years; recently we've become aware of a campaign to stamp out "oh my goodness" as well. Still, Adventists are human. Here are some of the words we've heard them use to let off some verbal steam. (Photo by yoshiffles via flickr)

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  1. Kate

    Think that I grew up with “Good Grief!” for expressing shock and confusion. When one word fit the bill, “shucks” came along (My saintly aunt’s father was a corn farmer) which worked well until I got a Shuck married into the family.

  2. Christian Baby

    We ignored the one I’ve only ever heard with Adventists: “Oh my word.” I’ve never known if it is a way of replacing the “L” with a “w” or was also meant to slyly slip in Hie name after all, Jesus being The Word. Perhaps that’s a bit too intellectual…

  3. Julie Ensign

    My grandmother wouldn’t actually SAY anything, but she would huff loudly and gustily when annoyed–Gpa told her that was worse, because our Evil Heathen Imaginations were tempted to ‘fill in the blanks’…

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