Maranatha teams deploy to rebuild churches devastated by last year’s shoddy workmanship

The merry band of volunteers
The merry band of volunteers

Hundreds of Maranatha volunteers are deplaning in exotic countries the world over, bound for crumbling church buildings that they just built last summer. The teams have been summoned by dozens of local Adventist congregations that are suffering from the results of overly-rushed church construction jobs “completed” the year prior.

“This basically is our trip of shame as the locals would not be in the position they are were it not for us,” said Jonny Carpenter, a humbled 21 year-old assistant to the deputy site leader at a church project just outside Quito, Ecuador.

“I’m being a team player about this but I know for sure that I did a good job of laying brick last summer in Quito,” said Carpenter. “Some of my team mates were just sipping local soda in the shade though. They thought it was a vacation.”

Carpenter shared that based on the results of his and other teams’ construction work the previous year, he is far from sold on the short term missions model. “But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m hoping they put those cute Walla Walla girls on my team again.”

In other news, VBS song leaders accompanying the Maranatha construction teams have canceled plans to teach locals The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock. “The song might ring a little hollow given our crumbling context,” explained Carpenter.



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  1. I love the name of the “assistant to the deputy site leader,” Mr. “Jonny Carpenter.” Quite apropos. Reminds me of the assistant to the deputy to the vice-deacon’s associate to the acting head deacon, who’s also a nice humble guy in my church.

    One thing worries me about this story: how will a new crew of slackers fix the debacle that the old crew of slackers created? I have a better idea: send them on a mission trip to Hawaii, or Acapulco, or the French Riviera.

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