Majority of Adventists disagree with Jesus’ stance on eating fish

Picture not taken from "My Bible Friends"
Picture not taken from “My Bible Friends”

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Dietetics researchers from Loma Linda University have published a report in which they find more than 70% of Seventh-day Adventists disagree with Jesus’ tendency to eat fish.

Lead researcher Johann Fiskade said that the overwhelming majority of Adventists preferred to look at passages where Jesus ate fish metaphorically. “We like to gloss over all the fish references in the Gospels,” said Fiskade. “Quiz a vegetarian Adventist on why Jesus gave fishing advice to his disciples and he or she will find a way to change the subject in no time.”

Fiskade said that Adventists also wished that Jesus had done a better job with some of the analogies He used. “Many of my interviewees said that Jesus could just as well have advised his disciples to be pickers or gatherers of men. They don’t understand why He had to ask them to be fishers.”


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  1. oldschool

    Yum! What could be more healthful? A nice loaf of whole grain Mediterranean-style bread, a fish (nicely presented), suitable greens with olive oil dressing, and water turned-to-wine, along with good conversation discussing theolog. Over course, some present would argue about the fish and wine. But not about the cheese plate!

  2. Ray Kraft

    Jesus also ate lamb, no doubt that he celebrated the Passover as Jews do. There is no reference or suggestion in the Bible that Jesus (or anyone else in the Bible) was a vegetarian.

    Vegetarianism as a religious practice or as an article of faith is obviously a human contrivance that has nothing to do with how good or or how bad you are, as I think I recall, Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian.

  3. Ray Kraft

    Now this reminds me, one morning I sat in McDonalds across from two men who appeared to be brothers, and a boy about ten who appeared to be the son of one of the brothers. From their conversation it was immediately obvious to me that they were Adventists.

    They talked about what to order, then the boy went to make the order, He said “We want six large vanilla milkshakes, and six large fries, and six Egg McMuffins with no meat, we’re vegetarians.”

    That musta been about 3,000 calories each for breakfast, but glory hallejuiah they were vegetarians!

    1. Kari Obb

      reminds me of hubby….being so righteously indignant about me putting a thin layer of butter on his bread. 15 minutes later, I caught him coming out of A & W with a huge ice-cream cone……BUSTED

  4. Ray Kraft

    Sorry, my memory refreshed, right there in Matthew 25, Jesus said to his disciples, “Feed the hungry. Care for the sick. Shelter the homeless. And don’t eat fish, meat, or chicken. Whatever you do to those animals you do to me.”

  5. richard mills

    It’s a fact Jesus did not eat tofu, soy extended products, non-GMO stuff. The lambs were cage free, range free, no growth hormones, no artificial sweeteners or coloring, no preservatives. All the ingredients in the fish could be pronounced quite well in Yiddish. What’s the big deal anyway? The fish was caught daily. No processing. No freeze dried. Give me a break on this one. Take me to the restaurant that Jesus patronized. Oyvey.
    Woe iz me!!

  6. Pat Menendez

    The bible, ALL OF IT, was written by Jews, for Jews. There was not 3000 competing variations all of which claimed exclusive truth and the inside track to determining it. Why do you think it is full of Midrash? It was man made and man improved as time and circumstances changed. Why do you think that much of the New Testament is just Old Testament copied and subject to 700 – 2000+ year modernization to fit the time. All the legalistic navel gazing today does not bring unity and does not point anyone to a better way to live. It may come as a surprise but in the 1840s there was one large unified body of Sabbath keepers. Those who chose to follow the bible and the bible only became Church of God 7th Day and those who chose to follow the whims and absurdities of EGW rather than the bible became SDA. It seems that everything trumps the bible as the basis of faith. What the bible says is irrelevant in the world of Denominationalism. Everyone wants to read into the bible what they want to believe and that becomes truth. So discussing fish and chips becomes more enlightening than a discussion on how to deal with education for the underprivileged or homelessness or a myriad of critical issues facing our species. Life is beautiful and full of opportunities to make the world a better place. All around us are hurting people who need to know that someone cares, that someone has noticed.

    “Did I offer peace today? Did I bring a smile to someone’s face? Did I say words of healing? Did I let go of my anger and resentment? Did I forgive? Did I love? These are the real questions. I must trust that the little bit of love that I sow now will bear many fruits, here in this world and the life to come.” Henri Nouwen

    1. Burny Sanders

      That’s a beautiful reminder of what we should be doing, Pat; but this is not the right forum to suggest real solutions to real problems. This is a forum to discuss theories and postulates and how many spirits can dance on the point of a needle – sort of like my political speeches.

    2. Dave

      Hey Pat,

      Take your meanness and mosey on to another site. This is a fun site that enjoys poking fun at the interesting and sometimes absurd practices and ‘sayings’ of the SDA church administration and the members.

      If you want to have some theological discussion about the ‘rightness’ of the Bible, or the influence or writing of Ellen White, then go to one of those flaming sites. This one is about poking fun.

      See you later when you are little less cranked up.

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