Lane converts Rory to Adventism in next Gilmore Girls reboot

Lane's about to share the good news of potluck with Rory as soon as she gets off the phone...
Lane’s about to share the good news of potluck with Rory as soon as she gets off the phone…

STARS HOLLOW, Conn. — It looks like Gilmore Girls character Lane Kim’s super strict Adventist upbringing is kicking in after all.

After this year’s successful reboot of the show in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Netflix confirmed that Lane will introduce her hometown bestie Rory Gilmore to Adventism in a future continuation that doesn’t have a release date yet.

Lane Kim’s incredibly strict Adventist mother drove her adolescent daugter away from her Adventist heritage in the show’s initial seven seasons. Highlights included vigilant bans on pop culture, boys and nothing but Adventist college for Lane.

But with a decade of traumatic years behind her, Lane not only returns to the faith but also converts Rory.

In the upcoming miniseries, Rory, now a journalist, decides to raise the child she is expecting in church after she falls in love with potlucks, Great Disappointment re-enactments and the mandatory Day of Rest that Lane now keeps faithfully.

Netflix executives hope these developments mean blessed assurance for the future of this show and its binge-watching Adventist fan base.

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