Lamar Odom to head La Sierra athletics after recovery

The new face of La Sierra athletics...
The new face of La Sierra athletics…

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — A rapidly recovering Lamar Odom has announced a new career move from his suite at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The retired pro-basketball player has signed a contract to head the Athletics Department at La Sierra University as soon as he is physically fit to start.

Odom, who was discovered unconscious in Crystal, Nev. in mid October, has sworn off all manner of drug use, the suspected cause of his collapse. The estranged husband of reality star, Khloe Kardashian has firmly signaled his intention to turn a fresh page.

“La Sierra is all about giving people second chances,” said the university’s human resources department in a written statement. “We pitched the position to Lamar and were happily surprised that he was game.”

Odom believes that the new role, while not entirely lucrative, will allow him to give back to society in a positive way and, as Odom’s spokesperson, Porfa Ayúdalos mentioned, La Sierra’s Golden Eagles men’s and women’s basketball teams could use Odom’s assistance.



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  1. Richard Mills

    Odom has nothing to offer LaSierra. He still owes the big bucks to that “hotel” in Vegas. Odom needs to come clean off his drugs. Maybe LaSierra will be able to pay it off. Is it possible for Chole to start a cheering team? Morale boosting is very important. Attendance will be at an all time high. Wait-what does the SOP say about sports & competition? Oh, that’s old school stuff-no credibility. Woe is me!!

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