La Sierra Announces Exclusively Online Dating For Fall

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — La Sierra University students hoping for romance this fall may have to settle for virtual flirting.

As part of its announcement that classes would all be online for the fall quarter, the school said all student dating would also have to take place virtually in order to comply with California Department of Public Health guidance for theology major-driven courtship.

Recognizing the restrictions genuinely complicate half the reason students go to Adventist college, La Sierra is offering a completely free, custom-made app for dating called SMOG (short for the less-than-exciting Seventh-day-Adventists Matchmakers Online Group.)

The app has already been successfully beta tested with single La Sierra alumni.

“Since its inception SMOG has literally spread all around the Inland Empire,” said a statement from the school. “We can’t imagine this region without it.”

La Sierra claims every user on the app has already found a romantic match. A mass SMOG wedding will be held on the La Sierra campus at the next graduation ceremony if and when one takes place.


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