Kim Davis joins Religion faculty at Southern

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. — Kim Davis, the newly-famous county clerk from Rowan County, Ky. has accepted a full professorship at Southern Adventist University’s School of Religion. Davis was jailed for five days for defying a federal court order to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Despite drawing blistering rebukes from numerous media outlets, the county clerk was widely praised in conservative Christian circles for her refusal to compromise her stance against gay marriage by issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Because she pointed to her Christian beliefs as the reason for her stand, Davis caught the attention of Southern’s School of Religion.

“She may not be an Adventist but we applaud Ms. Davis’s conviction and ability to stick to her guns under fire,” said Southern spokesperson Trew Flagship. “Adventists should always be concerned with the protection of religious liberty. The imprisonment of someone in modern-day America because they won’t compromise their beliefs is unacceptable regardless of how you feel about same-sex marriage.”

Although she retains her position as county clerk in Rowan, Davis will commence teaching at Southern via video link and make on-campus appearances for a series of intensive courses as her clerk schedule allows. She has also agreed to her first Adventist media interview with a group called Kinship.



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  1. Ray Kraft

    Of course, Kim has no respect or tolerance for the religious beliefs and religious liberty of others who disagree with her . . . and as I read the Gospels, Jesus said nothing about same-sex marriage. He did say, “Judge not, or you will be judged . . .”

    Whoever wrote Leviticus said that people who did homosexual things (or committed adultery) should be stoned to death, so why isn’t Kim stoning people to death?

    1. APlusDave

      Ray, Kim did not say much about the folks applying, other than to say that her beliefs conflicted with theirs. And her stand was based on scripture. Hard to tell her to be tolerant of a lifestyle that has a clear admonition from the Word.

      I did read an interview that said she was worried about turning into a pillar of salt if she allowed her subordinates to authorize the documents.

      And she did not advocate stoning because she has moved on from that legalistic Jewish system, and is aware that she is not their judge.

      If you were going for funny in your comments you failed. If you were going for actual criticism, you failed.

  2. Clever name for the Southern spokesperson “Trew Flagship” (true flagship). I’m just curious why no other Adventist colleges invited Ms. Davis to become a religion professor. Could it have something to do with the fact that her degree is in a different field? If so, what is the tacit implication about Southern? That it is a party school (where they “mime” the night away at the on-campus mime club), or should I say a “Little Debbie’s school” where they consume sugar-filled snack cakes until they pass out?

  3. Lucy Ball

    The Rowan County Clerk’s Office stated that it rejected only one marriage license application in the last two weeks. The denied applicant? “A gentleman who stated that he wanted a license that would permit him to marry ‘Jesus,’ ” according to a document obtained by the New York Times. “When it was explained to the individual that both parties had to be present, he stated, ‘Jesus is always present.'”

    “After being denied, the gentleman returned later and presented a type of Power of Attorney form issued by his church granting him authority to sign ‘Jesus’ ‘ name.”

    The second party to the license, however, still was not present, and the request was denied, according to the clerk’s office.

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

  4. Richard Mills

    Ms. Davis is going to teach her students how to be a County Clerk and how to say “NO”! What happens if she encounters a few gay students or couples at Southern? You no come to my classroom!! Outahere!! Go choke on a Little Debbie? Woe is me!

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