Jaime Jorge to perform at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards

Tonight will be the first time a lot of Adventists watch the VMAs...
Tonight will be the first time a lot of Adventists watch the VMAs…

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Miley Cyrus, the risk-embracing host of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards has announced that as she is in charge of tonight’s proceedings, she will be “taking a wrecking ball to business as usual.” Claiming the awards last year were lacking in energy, Cyrus is promising to inject adrenaline into tonight’s show by bringing in unusual, surprise acts. None of the surprise performers will be more of a shock to Seventh-day Adventist viewers than beloved Adventist violinist, Jaime Jorge.

“He mostly just plays super churchy stuff,” said Cyrus, “but the guy is a total rockstar and we need to switch up our sound to keep things fresh at the VMAs. Otherwise it’s just the same line-up every year.”

When asked to comment on the news that he would be playing violin at the VMAs, Jorge admitted that, “this isn’t going to be my usual revival series routine.” Although he made no mention of pieces he might perform he said that he would be staying far away from the controversies that seem to always plague the VMAs. “There’s no way Kanye is going to interrupt me mid-performance. I’ll use my bow if it have to.”



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  1. The best part was the photo caption: “Tonight will be the first time a lot of Adventists watch the VMAs…” You really think so, Sevvy? You might be surprised. . . .

    Jaime Jorge was wonderful; I think he stole the show! But to really spice it up next year, they should invite the Heritage Singers, the King’s Heralds, and Del Delker.

  2. Richard Mills

    Ms. Cyrus had a “wardrobe” problem the other night. What a waste of talent. Jaime Jorge only wasted his time performing on this ridiculous media tragedy.
    Somebody was more than undone!! Help my unbelief. Woe is me!!

  3. Lisa Mona

    It was fantastic! Jaime Jorge did a super job! It you missed it, you missed something incredible. I’ve never heard such a violin performance before or after. And this is even more incredible: Elvis is not dead. The King is 80 years old, but he is alive and kicking. It is sad how many people believe the hoax that he passed away in 1977. He actually went into hiding to avoid the Memphis Mafia and is studying at a branch campus of the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism in Hawaii.

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