GC To Decide If Pets Go To Heaven

I’m waiting.

SILVER SPRING, Md. — A special all-male committee of GC executives has been asked to write a position statement on whether pets get to go to heaven.

Although the Bible will be consulted, committee members have been instructed to be careful to respect the majority consensus as dictated by world regions that can most effectively sway GC session votes.

“Biblical truth on a matter is best determined by how powerful voting blocks read man-made culture into ancient texts while claiming to follow the Bible as it reads,” said the directive to the new committee.

The eternal destiny of pets will be revealed at the next GC session. All union presidents will be required to sign a declaration of confidence in the official position unless they want to be relegated to dog-walking duties in GC Session parking lots whenever agenda items are put to a vote.


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  1. Corla

    This reminds me of my dear, sweet mother, explaining carefully to me when I was a child, that pets did NOT go to heaven, because they have no souls. In later years, I wondered why that was so important to her. I did not pass this on to my children! Loved her dearly, God bless her! :)!

    1. Joe

      How can any human say that pets have NO soul? ‘I’ve found many pets to be more soulful that many humans – This is NOT to say she was wrong, but I’m glad you have chosen to NOT share the concept with your children –

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