First vegan Dairy Queen to open at Loma Linda University


LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Frozen-treat chain Dairy Queen has announced plans to open an entirely vegan store on the campus of Loma Linda University. Although the chain already offers some vegan-appropriate items, this will be the first experiment with a store serving no dairy whatsoever.

Dairy Queen spokesperson Hugh Grosse said that based on market studies by Dairy Queen, Loma Linda had been selected as the best place in the United States to test a dairy-free store due to the high density of vegan Adventists in the area.

“We have warned the staff we are training to expect a crush of vegan centenarians on opening day,” said Grosse.

He promised that the chain had fundamentally reworked all recipes, that all frozen favorites would now be available and that they would contain no dairy whatsoever. Grosse admitted that fans of the chain may notice “a slight tofu aftertaste.”


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  1. richard mills

    Kudos to DQ for wanting to go vegan & healthy. Will they also serve vege-burgers, Big Franks, Saucettes and other sundry SDA related foods? Will I be able to get a Little Debbie milk shake with my favorite LD blended in? I sure hope so! Somebody gave me a DQ gift card last Christmas. Is it still valid to use? Please see that all the DQ outlets go vegan. I’m all excited!! Make sure the manager “DQ’s ” you upon arrival. It’s like a little ritual around here. Woe iz me!!

      1. STU REDMAN.

        What is surprising is that more christian groups, SDA included do not promote more the eating of fish. Jesus favorite food to feed the multitude was fish. Really interesting that it is not the official pot luck food of the SDA and other Christians.
        Phony meat! Ha!
        PS. interesting book: the occult and vegetarianism.

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