Dilemma: Should I Pay My Taxi Driver On Sabbath?

Hi BarelyAdventist readers,

I’m writing this in a cab on the way to church and I wanted to get your take on whether or not I should pay my driver.

I really would rather not pay my fare and I’m thinking I could use this as a witnessing opportunity. Maybe he’ll waive the fare if I tell him he shouldn’t be accepting payment on Sabbath.

Another idea I had is I could give him a GLOW tract instead of a strictly monetary fare. I could tell him what he’ll learn from the stewardship tract is priceless and he’ll thank me in the long run.

YIKES… we are getting close and I owe this guy most of what I was going to put in the offering plate.

Send up a prayer, we’ve just arrived and I’m gonna to tell him I’m not paying.

UPDATE… I’m now in the back of a police car. The cops are giving me a free ride to the station.


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  1. Hartmut W Sager

    Sevvy, it’s “waive”, not “wave”.

    There’s no humour here either. Any Adventist that actually ponders this question (especially while already in a taxi) is contemplating a form of theft (taking something and not paying is theft). The innocent taxi driver was not party to an agreement beforehand that he/she might not get paid, and thus, there is also dishonesy/deception involved. But hey, the Remnant only needs to keep the single most important Commandment, right?

      1. Hartmut W Sager

        I’m currently working on an update to my rates. Once I have the new rates finalized, I’m sure I’ll remember to notify you, since you would surely be one of my better customers.

  2. Richard Mills

    This is the way I do it. I arrange a payment ahead of time. Like on Friday, I go the cab company, tell my Sabbath issue, pay the fare ahead of time. These fares are pre -calculated, therefore you did not violate the 4th commandment. Or you can use a credit card. No cash has been passed. You gonna pay the credit bill later. What’s the big deal. Or you can do like the Hasidics do around here, WALK to church!! The kiddies use a scooter on Sabbath to get around. Stop ther madness!!

    1. Hartmut W Sager

      Typical SDA hypocrisy. Using a credit card (or even just logging the transaction) is just as much a violation as using cash. The issue in the Bible wasn’t the use of cash, but the conducting of business on the Sabbath.

      As for walking, yes, that is THE way to go to and from church.

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