Demoted church administrator devastated to be winning souls as local pastor

Them's the breaks...
Them’s the breaks…

BORING, N.D. — After losing a close re-election bid for his position as conference executive secretary, Zac Cloth has spent the last several months mourning his new role as a local church pastor.

For the life of him, Cloth still is unable to understand how a man of his obvious talents and experience could lose such a perfect fit of a role and end up in the trenches winning souls again.  Cloth, who hasn’t had to deal with petty local church affairs for a good two decades, has complained to close friends that having to roll up his sleeves and do some actual work is a waste of perfectly good cufflinks.

Plus, he is convinced that he was landed with the B-Team as far as his church elders are concerned. About the only thing that consoles Cloth is micromanaging the church board agenda.

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  1. richeerich

    Maybe all current & future SDA administrators should spend at least 10-13 years as a pastor in a local church with membership of 150 or less. This would be a reality shock. Zac needs to put on the sackcloth & ashes & gnash his teeth. Oh, ye of little faith!!

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