BarleyAdventist’s first-ever interview

logo10262179_859745984042458_143233648709880923_nWe are super excited to announce that we were recently interviewed for the first time.  Click the link below if you want to know:

1)  Why we publish.

2)  Why we love satire.

3)  The good, bad and the ugly of BarelyAdventist reader feedback so far.

4)  What BarelyAdventist wants to be when it grows up.

5)  Whether Ted Wilson is one of our writers.

Thank you to Spectrum Magazine for a great interview!!  Here it is:

An Interview with BarelyAdventist


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  1. jared

    Love it!

    We Adventists apologize for the few stuck up folks… my reply to them.

    Pointing out others faults, arrogantly saying/asking if someone is rejecting adventist writings; this is more off putting than the satire you condemn. We should use all tools at our disposal to lead people through the sanctuary doors.

    We routinely bribe parents with free babysitting (sabbath school/pathfinders) was their not some White sentence that I could quote condemning dumping your kids on someone you barely know simply so you can have a much needed break? Or dare I point out the sneaky mindset that dares to put on a “nature video” or “go wading” on sabbath? Let’s focus on each of OUR DAILY WALKS, and OUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS with Jesus. Stop the asinine fingerpointing and “witch hunting” by you Pharisees.

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