Annual Council Bingo to animate GC meetings

Adventist entertainment
Adventist entertainment

SILVER SPRING, Md. — In an effort to draw a wider audience for the Annual Council meetings, the GC has released Annual Council Bingo!

All attending members were handed a Bingo! card with their welcome packet as they arrived and checked in.

To get five in a row, any member just needs to stand up and yell Bingo! as loud as they can during the otherwise dry and boring discussion sessions.

In addition, anyone watching the livestream can play along via a downloadable Bingo! card.

Mr. Outta Touch, Annual Council spokesperson, had this to say about those watching online:

“Prizes will only be available to those in physical attendance, but the first five in the online audience to achieve Bingo! will get a special mention by name at the Annual Council from President Ted Wilson, as well as Twitter bragging rights, which, as we know, can be quite significant for these young Millennial people.”

There will be a number of prizes awarded to those at the Council meetings themselves. The Grand Prize will be one extra vote in the decision about how to discipline the rebellious unions.

“There are many other prizes for the runners up however.” Mr. Touch added. “We’ll be giving away tickets for the 2020 GC session, some lovely fruit baskets, and 5 promises to look the other way when members bring coffee into the meetings.”

Mr. Touch, and the GC hope their efforts will appeal to a broader audience and rally more people to their cause. “Perhaps if enough people play Bingo! they will see that we really have the best interests of the church at heart and stop their rebellion against God… I mean, the GC, which is basically the same thing.”

Special thanks to Lindsey Painter for the guest post.

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