Adventists urged to avoid unequally yoked omelets

Fried egg omelet
Fried egg omelet

ADVENTIST WORLD — Leaders of the Adventist Church are warning members of the perils of eating unequally yoked omelets.

“Unequally yoked omelets may look fluffy and delicious at first glance but they have a way of wreaking havoc on the delicate balance that is a stable stomach,” warned the denomination’s Health Message Enforcer, Kierro Skillette.

He added that uequally yoked omelets are particularly enticing to Adventist young adults that have a tendency to frequent hipster diners where they throw proper judgement to the wind in their eating decisions.

“Don’t just say yes to the first omelet that comes your way at your local brunch place,” said Skillette. “The decisions you make for breakfast could start you on a slippery slope that affects your entire day.”

Skillette added that Adventists that wanted to avoid the appearance of evil should shun omelets all together and just have stripples.

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  1. richeerich

    The “yolk’s” on you. IHOP, Perkins, Waffle House, etc. will never serve a double yolker. It’s a bad omen. Bad for business. Those egg inspectors need to be more careful on the production line. Retraining is the key, here.

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