Adventists rate Sabbath afternoon naps as favorite non-salvational faith benefit

Gotta love it....

Gotta love it….

PASADENA, Calif — Sabbath afternoon naps are one of the most treasured benefits of being an Adventist if a recent survey of 10,000 Adventists from around the world are to be believed.

The survey conducted by a team of anthropologists from Fuller Theological Seminary revealed that aside from beliefs that had a direct bearing on heaven and salvation, Adventists were more obsessed with post-Sabbath lunch naps than any other facet of their faith.

“There is something about the wiring of most Adventists that seems to shut down attempts at alertness immediately after veggie lasagna of any quantity is consumed on Saturday afternoons,” concluded the Fuller team.

The researchers said that the propensity toward committed Sabbath afternoon napping was remarkably widespread in Adventist circles around the world. “On this seemingly foundational principle, Adventists everywhere are united,” read the report.

Intrigued by the pervasiveness of the behavior, the Fuller academics compared the results of this year’s study to those of identical studies that have been held every 10 years since 1960.

“Enthusiasm for Saturday afternoon napping is a multi-generational phenomenon within Adventism,” reported the team. “Belief in the practice has remained solid as a rock for as far back as recorded data exists.”


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  1. Richard Mills

    I begin my Sabbath napping just after the 11 AM service begins. Right after the offering & special music. I usually jump up at the closing hymn-verse 2. If I am on the platform for announcements, etc., I do manage to stay awake. Staring ahead always help. Napping on Sabbath afternoon is good for you. How else are you going to survive the Saturday night socials at the church/school gym? Or hiking around the mall after sundown? Napping is a scientific art form. This napping thing should be considered as a possible fundemental belief-number 30. Why don’t we form a committee and get this resolved once & for all. Let me know right after I take my nap this Sabbath!! Woe is me!!

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