Adventist manufacturer makes iron that won’t work on Sabbath

A 6-day workhorse...
A 6-day workhorse…

SILVER SPRING, Md. — AdventWorks, the new manufacturing arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, has launched a clothing iron that will not turn on during Sabbath hours.

AdventWorks spokesperson Wade Waters explained that Nogo joins a growing sector of smart irons but that the appliance is “the only iron on the market that keeps the Sabbath.”

Waters said that Nogo is GPS-enabled, ensuring that wherever it is used around the world, it will power down 30 minutes before sunset on Friday and remain in “respectful napping mode” until sunset 24 hours later.

The Nogo was developed “to encourage adequate Sabbath wardrobe prep and rule out frantic Sabbath morning ironing,” said Waters.

He guaranteed potential customers that there was no way to override Sabbath nap mode on Nogo but that, as it is lawful to do good on Sabbath, Nogo┬ácan be plugged in on the Day of Rest to play “Don’t Forget the Sabbath.”


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