Adventist home from college absolutely sick of the gift of singleness


PARADISE, Calif. — Just back from college yesterday, Walla Walla junior engineering major Solo Fide caught up with hometown friends and hoped against all hope that the gift of singleness would not be bestowed upon him this Christmas.

Third-wheeling around town, Fide entertained the distant possibility that this year’s Christmas Eve would bring with it a Sabbath miracle in the form of someone very single and very cute to brighten up the church lobby.

Sandwiched between two radiant and newly-engaged friends from childhood, Fide carefully went through the list of church members that might have attractive relatives visiting this Christmas.

Mentally girding himself for a church lobby flirtathon, Fide told himself there was an outside chance that come Christmas Day he would not have to explain how, after three years at Walla Walla, he was still single.

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  1. Bruce Dame

    Faith, not works will solve his problem in seeking a mate. When Fide is ready, God will bring a wonderful partner into his life. I guarantee it. God has done that for me THREE times! It wasn’t God’s fault that, as my ex-partners said, I [mysteriously] drove them away.

  2. Richard mills

    Yo,Han Solo, let me introduce you to my granddaughter. She fits the bill for needs. Solid SDA. Vegan. Knows SOP forward&aback ward. Tithe payer. On time for SS&church weekly. Meets Ingathering goal every year. Knows names of all GC&NAD officers. What more do you want?

  3. Hartmut W Sager

    Agreed, Stu. Forced daily humour just doesn’t work. The archives here are much better than the recent production, and it has pretty well become a one-man show, with all recent postings coming frome one sevvy.

    (Though this particular posting was a bit better than most recent ones.)

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