Adventist 100-year-old from Loma Linda cast in Expendables 4

Don't mess...
Don’t mess…

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Sylvester Stallone’s franchise of Expendables films has announced a fourth installment to be released in 2018. To keep the series fresh, a centenarian Seventh-day Adventist woman from the Loma Linda, California area, has been cast in a central role.

100-year-old Martha Greenley was discovered by Stallone at Venice, California’s Muscle Beach gym where she occasionally likes to work out.

“I normally do my weight-lifting with my sister Edith in Loma Linda, but once in a while I like to come to Venice to enjoy the beach and show these young’uns how to really do a deadlift,” said Greenley.

Stallone, who happened to be visiting the iconic gym, was immediately impressed by the Adventist centenarian and offered her a role in Expendables 4 on the spot.

“I said I would give it a shot if Sylvester promised I would never have to actually fire a shot,” said Greenley, a huge fan of famous Adventist conscientious objector Desmond T. Doss.

Stallone has reportedly asked his friendĀ Hacksaw Ridge Director Mel Gibson for tips on how to best showcase the raw muscle of this headstrong Adventist pacifist.

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  1. I been to Venice Beach. Got a parking ticket in the parking lot. The car rental agency had to pay the $88.00 fine. Yep, I saw a rope-a-dope muscle guy in the ring. Challenged me to take him on. Was I stupid or what? Did find a place that serves a mean delicious vega hot dog a few blocks down. Be cool.

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