Adventist Churches to issue mandatory breath mints on Sabbath mornings

Happier Sabbaths ahead...
Fresher Sabbaths ahead…

SILVER SPRING, Md. — In an effort to improve the Sabbath experience for members and visitors, Seventh-day Adventist church leaders have voted to mandate the distribution of breath mints on Sabbath morning.

Members will be issued a maximum of three breath mints each. General Conference Director of Creative Expenditure Guhm Chu encouraged churchgoers to be “good stewards of your Sabbath mint allocation.”

Although he said the specifics of mint consumption would be left up to the individual conscience of the member, Chu stressed that fresh breath was of paramount importance during the more interactive parts of the Sabbath morning experience.

“I would pop in a mint right before the Sabbath School discussion starts, another during the closing hymn and the final one after potluck,” said Chu.

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