Adventist Church mandates holiday dress code for members’ pets

The appearance of goodness...
The appearance of goodness…

SILVER SPRING, Md. — For the first time ever, the Adventist Church has established modesty standards for the holiday attire of pets belonging to members.

“We know that our members like to dress up their pets as the weather gets colder around the Christmas holidays,” said the recently released Animal Modesty memo. “We therefore ask members to remember that the appearance of their pets reflects directly on the Remnant and is therefore of utmost importance.”

According to the memo, all clothing should consist of sensibly muted colors although females are allowed to have one strikingly red outfit “in accordance with EGW recommendations.”

Animal Modesty states that under no circumstances should pets be allowed to wear any form of makeup.

The only jewelry allowed is a simple elastic “wedding band collar” on pets that are committed to an Adventist-owned partner.

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