Adventist BNB features best apartments in world for Sabbath naps


ADVENTIST WORLD — Recently launched Adventist BNB (Airbnb for Adventists) was honored by the General Conference Lay Ministries Department for featuring the best apartments in the world for Sabbath naps.

Officials who had used the service gave glowing, teary-eyed testimonies of absolutely blissful post-church napping on Sabbath afternoons.

“As soon as my head hit the pillow at the Adventist BNB rentals I was totally out,” said Lay Ministries spokesperson Snuz Phezt.

“The naps I took completed my Sabbath experience as I stretched out on certified Adventist beds around the world,” said Phezt. “No hotel could compete with the comfort of snoozing in homes stocked with Spirit of Prophecy volumes and porkless fridges.

Adventist BNB said that churches close to their units promise to end their services on time while keeping potluck and other afternoon activities short so as to maximize nap times.

Sponsored by Adventist BNB. Short term home or room rentals by Adventists for Adventists.

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    1. Harvie Winestine

      Amen! Never trust a woman! Especially SDA women. They are professional gold-diggers, gossips, backstabbers, turncoats, opportunists, and manipulators. They make Delilah look like a saint.

  1. Not Clever Enough

    This is nothing but a shameless and silly advertisement for the “sponsor” of BarelyAdventist, namely “Adventist BNB.” Slick marketing? Maybe. Funny and create and clever? Not. An ad by any other name is still a thinly-disguised ad.

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