Adventist 30 lbs heavier since Thanksgiving decision to let go and let God

The holidays have been a little too happy...
The holidays have been a little too happy…

Chattanooga, Tenn. — Since a somber decision to “let go and let God” while going for yet another serving of Tofurky at this year’s Thanksgiving table, lifelong Adventist Fred Munchur has put on a good 30 lbs.

As comments from his wife and coworkers have flooded in about his rapidly expanding waistline, Munchur battled a sense of betrayal by the veggie meat platters, Little Debbie treats and other Adventist health foods he had consumed over the past several weeks.

Feeling a little squeezed by his favorite clothing choices, Munchur went on the hunt for a more forgiving Sabbath-appropriate sweater to wear around old friends home for Christmas that might turn up for church.

Stepping on the scale for the first time since that fateful Thanksgiving decision, Munchur balanced his sense of acute alarm with a resolute determination to “step out in faith” onto a treadmill come January 2.

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